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Poplin’s Pest Patrol (PPP) is a locally owned and operated professional pest management company, and as such we use only professional-grade products.

These prices are for reference only, if you would like to receive a quote please call  us at (423) 473-9191. *When you call, if not answered, please leave a message. I will respond to your message for service.

  • PPP specializes in outside perimeter treatments. This service is designed to help control crawling insect pests such as foraging ants, outdoor cockroaches, earwigs, crickets, millipedes, and others that occasionally invade your indoors. Outside treatment will be made to the structure ground surface perimeter 3′ outward and wall 3′ up. PPP may treat other areas, such as around doors and windows, other pertinent entry point possibilities, and overhangs as deemed necessary.

Price: $55.00 per trip

  • NO CONTRACT required!
  • Service for ants foraging inside – $55. Add $10 for treatment to a trail leading in from outside.

Price: $55.00 per trip

  • Service for fire ants treatment 1-3 mounds up to 12″ high, 12″ diameter – $55 per trip charge. Add $10 for each additional or larger mounds.

Price: $55.00 per trip

  • Service for cockroaches inside kitchen area + 1 bathroom – first trip – $95. Per trip charge – $55 within 3 months.

Price: $95 per trip

  • Service for rodent control (mouse or rat) – $105 base price includes initial inspection/setting of devices to be used or other method, PPP’s discretion. First trip – setup of any 2 devices or combination, pickup of devices, disposal of creatures caught. All devices remain property of PPP.  Additional charges apply if ongoing service is required.

Price: $105.00 base price first trip

  • Other services that PPP offers can be mutually agreed upon.
  • REGULAR MONTHLY AND QUARTERLY SERVICES are available. Call (423) 473-9191 today!