About Us


For as long as man, animals and insects have co-existed, there have been pests.Insects such as ants, cockroaches and earwigs are not intentionally trying to be pests. In their own environment, in a remote area away from us, these same ants,cockroaches and earwigs would merely go about their daily life. It is when these ants,cockroaches and earwigs are in close proximity to humans that they “invade” our space and become pests. These pests have the same basic needs as we do; food, water and shelter. Too often these pests see “ours” as “theirs.” This simply is pest control.With this in mind, Poplin’s Pest Patrol is well equipped to meet your need to distinguish“yours” from the pests. Poplin’s Pest Patrol has pioneered low impact pest control methods. For nearly 32 years Poplin’s Pest Patrol has pioneered a holistic low impact approach to pest control. Though chemicals play their part in pest control, Poplin’s has encouraged a pest control program with emphasis on sanitation, habitat modification, exclusion, and customer education. Poplin’s did not change for an enlightened trend and did not merely change for one chemical claimed to be environmentally friendly. Poplin’s did not suddenly “Go Green!” It’s always been Poplin’s primary desire to blend these pest control methods and to keep pests such as ants, cockroaches and earwigs out of our domain so they can flourish in their own.

I have always had an interest in creation. As a child, I was especially fascinated with insects and small animals. I enjoyed interacting with them and learning about their uniqueness. When my older brother became involved in the profession of pest control, I was attracted to the concept of helping to set boundaries for creatures that would assist in establishing a more harmonious relationship between them and us.

I eventually was privileged to join the team of a small locally owned pest control company based in Cleveland, Tennessee. For five years, I was able to enjoy serving family, friends and neighbors. I grew in experience, knowledge and skill, and advanced from a certified technician to a licensed operator. At this point, some new opportunities were being presented. I chose to open my own pest management business in the Cleveland area in conjunction with my brother. When the company that I had served with previously first sold, then closed shortly afterward, I was sure that the right decision had been made.

I received some specialized training at our Lake Tahoe, California office, where my brother had been long established. I also assisted in managing the Lake Tahoe office briefly. But Cleveland, Tennessee is home and this is where I choose to live and serve. There was one very important benefit that I received from my interaction with the Lake Tahoe area. The Sierras have an exceptionally varied weather system, which can be pristine one moment and suddenly become a harsh winter blizzard with almost no warning the next. I recognized that the standard procedures that were being used were inadequate at best. I sensed a strong obligation to those we served to offer a program that could be applied with an emphasis on the outside, under the worst conditions. It had to be able to withstand those conditions effectively. The program that I developed, and still use even for our torrential rains, is based on an understanding of:

  • Creature habits
  • Harsh weather conditions
  • Structure and terrain
  • Appropriate products
  • Proper application techniques
  • Interaction with those I serve

It was designed with the priority to minimize risk to people and pets, and it has been very successful in both the Sierras and the Ocoee region.

Since I do the service work myself, one will generally deal exclusively with me. It differs from some larger and nationally recognized companies in that one may never know who he or she has spoken with on the telephone, and will likely have a different service technician at least every other time service is provided. I keep my business small on purpose, so that I can provide the personal attention that one needs to solve problems and deal with concerns my customers may have.

Cleveland, Tennessee and this region are amazing! This is home to me, my wife, our three daughters and their families.  We enjoy being a part of this community. Poplin’s Pest Patrol continues to serve your pest control needs. Our primary service area is Cleveland/Bradley County. It has been my privilege to do so for nearly thirty-two years.